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Florence's Damage: Dealing With Insurance

Damage assessments from Hurricane Florence are just getting started, and so are the calls from homeowners to their insurance agents. NBC's Chris Cl...

Consumer Reports: Home improvements to save money on your insurance

Consumer Reports reveals the fixes that can get you big discounts on premiums.

What you need to know about flood insurance going forward

Of the more than $200-million in flooding damage done across the state, estimates put damage to homes at $98-million alone. Many of the people stuc...

VIDEO Life Lessons: Win your insurance appeal

VIDEO Life Lessons: Win your insurance appeal

Fire Insurance Problems in Ashland

Fire Insurance Problems in Ashland

Flooding 2018 - Making an insurance claim

Some homeowners affected by flood waters may be able to have insurance cover some of their losses. But it will depend on the type of coverage they ...

Wildfire insurance protections

Wildfire insurance protections

Shorewood Hills flood victims say homes unlivable, no flood insurance, cars totaled, many homeless

Many residents in the Shorewood Hills community are without homes, without cars and without personal belongings after floodwaters destroyed the res...

Expert explains what flood damage is covered by insurance

Home and business owners are wondering what flood insurance covers.

All About Insurance

Insurance agent Heather Wilson discusses personal lines of insurance available.

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