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American Family Insurance Championship - Stricker

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Call for Action: Should you buy travel insurance? This woman wishes she did

A Madison woman's Call for Action over nearly $7,000 lost in a travel nightmare has her finally getting a refund six months later – but it has us w...

Facing the Fury: Inland Flooding/Flood Insurance (Part 2)

We review the inland flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, go over the Valley's floodway systems and the importance of flood insurance,

On Your Side - Cell phone insurance

Accidents happen, especially to our phones.

Oktibbeha County Fire Insurance Rates May Go Down - 5/23/18

The Oktibbeha County fire department go to work early this morning and it could mean a low insurance bill for residents.

Flood insurance rating for Biloxi

This year, the National Flood Insurance Program gave the City of Biloxi a rating of 5 for their flood insurance policies. Biloxi is the only city w...

LawCall: Dealing with Insurance After a Wreck

The details of insurance reimbursement and how it works when there's a wreck where someone else is responsible.

What does insurance cover for volcano eruptions?

What does insurance cover for volcano eruptions?

When Can Your Insurance Company Turn You Down?

It's important to look at the language in an insurance policy to determine what the insurance company will pay out for.

American Family Insurance sets up mobile claim site in Janesville

American Family Insurance set up a mobile claim site in Janesville for customers to bring their cars to be inspected after a hailstorm on Wednesday.

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