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Teaching Kids with Robots

It’s a program at Berea Elementary/Middle School that educates children about STEM courses. During the Lego Robotics program, students as early as ...

robotics grand finale

robots grand finale

robitics camp

robiticts camp

The Healthy WAAY: Robotic Gastrectomy

Surgery using robotic technology is helping patients lose weight

robotics camp

camp at ul

Robotics Camp 07/11/18

Technology and robotics was held at NEMCC

College Corner: "Zero Robotics" STEM program

The Zero Robotics program is a summer program where students learn programming and science. For more information, visit or cal...

The Healthy WAAY: Restoring Touch For Amputees

Technology once found only in science fiction could enable amputees to feel the sensation of touch in their prosthetic limbs

The Healthy WAAY: Robotic Assistant Helps Replace Knees

A new robotic surgery system allows doctors to customize knee replacement to a specific patient's needs

Janesville bar owner 'So I purchased a robot' SOT

"So I purchased a robot from there. It was very impulsive. I'm going to place it out in front of the building and let it age with time"

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