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Taste Tuesday: The Duffy Shuffle

Today's #TasteTuesday has us sampling from one truck who's been shuffling around town from the beginning of the craze.

Taste Tuesday: Turn Table, LLC

What do you do when you want to cook for the masses, but aren't quite ready for a food truck or restaurant? You rent kitchen space and sell at spec...

That's What She Said!

Jane Street, Sheila Harrington, Martha Richardson, and Nicole Weaver talk among themselves about the past, present, and future. They also discuss a...

2 Minute Cooking Class: Kimchi Jjigae

Today we're teaching you how to make a dish that will transport your family, and dinner table, halfway across the world, and introduce them to Korea.

Taste Tuesday: Crazy Daisy

The Tri-State has gone food truck crazy! And now that Summer's here, they're easy to find when you have that craving. The newest addition to the ...

Should a husband force his expecting wife to let his parents into the delivery room? Watch to see what Troy and Amber think!

Is a reality TV show turning from a guilty pleasure into something plainly guilty? And should a husband force his expecting wife to let his parents...

Museum Roadshow

Fred Opalinski tours the Reading Public Museum to learn about the new and upcoming exhibits.


With Daniel Egusqiza.


Daniel Egusqiza and Daniel Samsary talk about art news in Reading.

2 Minute Cooking Class: Mapo Tofu

Our two minute cooking classes have taught us how to make American fusion, delectable vegan meals, and even Italian from scratch! Today we're teach...

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