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David Plays “Shut Your Mouth” with Troy

Can you understand what David’s saying? Did you have to peak at the answer? Watch and have a laugh as Troy guesses what David is trying to say in o...

Taste Tuesday: The Red Fez

We all know that the Hadi Shriners selflessly serve their community, bring the circus to town, and throw one heck of a week long party, but did you...

Funnel Cloud

Funnel Cloud

A Sneak Peak of “Murder on the High Seas”

It’s a classic case of “who dun it?” Bluegrass Mystery Theatre presents a murder mystery story that stars pirates on the deep, blue sea. So what ma...

That's What She Said!

Join Jane Street, Sheila Harrington, Martha Richardson, and Nicole Weaver as they chat about things old, current, and future, and reminisce about b...

Watch Mandy and Jimmy play a new game with Troy

It's a new game on Midday: "What are You Eating?" Mandy and Jimmy are blindfolded, and they have to guess what food Troy feeds them!

Troy, Mandy, and Jimmy play "Shut Your Mouth"

It's time once again for Troy's favorite game "Shut Your Mouth"! He and Mandy try to guess what Jimmy's saying. Can you?

Taste Tuesday: Just Rennie's

Just Rennie's is one of those names that is synonymous with the best cookies and tasty desserts, but they're also a café specializing in fast, fres...

Midday Close 7/13/18 - Kids Take Over the WCBI Studio!

Some very special guests joined us for today's Midday to see how live TV works.

On the Porch - Episode 1

Meteorologist Jacob Dickey sits down with Mama Dickey for lots of fun on a new segment, "On the Porch with Mama Dickey!"

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