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Mini Maker Faire is added to the Science Fest

It was all about teaching the next generation of scientist and that is what was happening at Randolph College's Science Fest, but this year there w...

Robotics throwdown at Madera South High School

More than 40 teams and hundreds of students from across California brought their game faces, competing in what organizers call, "a sport of the mind."

President Trump's Ban Blocks Scientist

President Trump's Travel Ban Blocks Local Scientist from Going Abroad & Seeing Family

Clovis North ready to defend Science Bowl title

The Clovis North Broncos will try to win back-to-back regional Science Bowl titles this weekend in Lodi. Coach Christine Long and students Neil Mai...

NASA Wants You to Help Find a New Planet

For those of you still upset over Pluto's demotion, there may be a new ninth planet. Or at least NASA scientists believe it exists -- and they want...

Busy moms often shortchange themselves on sleep

Dr. Frank Biscardi with the Carilion Clinic Sleep Center says there are ways you can catch up.

High tech professors fight for blackboards

Computer science professors digging in their heels to save their ... um .. chalkboards during building renovations.

mad scientist ball

mad scientist ball

Cassini Captures Amazing Photos of Saturn's Rings

NASA has released new, stunning photos of the icy rings around the planet of Saturn. The Cassini spacecraft is currently in its 'ring grazing phase...

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